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Blade Servers Intel and Supermicro Blade Servers

Blade servers introduce a new high-performance computing paradigm where many ultra-thin compute blades share centralised resources in a single chassis. Our blade servers & systems share cables, memory, redundant power supply and management which cuts down on cost and space.

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Leading Security

We take security seriously. Broadberry servers offer the latest technologies including TPM, self-encryption and military-grade FIPS certification.

Best Price Guarantee

Broadberry offer a Best Price Guarantee on all server and storage solutions. You won't find the same spec cheaper anywhere else.

Ease of Management

Feature-rich IPMI with out of band management and redfish API to allow easy management and monitoring of your Broadberry systems.

Customer Service

Unlike other leading manufacturers, Broadberry assign all customers a dedicated account manager with direct access. There’s no call centers!

Trouble-Free Integration

Our trained engineers will pre-configure your server to your requirements, and are here to help over the phone when your server arrives.

3-Year Warranty

All Broadberry solutions come with a comprehensive 3-5 year warranty, with a range of upgraded warranty options available.

Easy Installation

From clip-in slide rails to pre-configured RAID and pre-installed OS, our engineers ensure installation fast and simple!


Our open-platform approach offers high compatibility with your existing infrastructure and no vendor-lockin.


Every business is different. Configure every element of your solution to your requirements using our powerful online configurator.


Our servers are built to grow with your organisation, whether that be by purchasing additional drives, or additional scale-out nodes.


Since the introduction of the first Broadberry PC in 1989, we’ve continually innovated and responded to emerging technologies and markets.

SuperBlade offers many unique advantages that differentiate it from competitors' blade products and traditional rack-mount solutions. Customer benefits include maximum affordability, reduced management costs, lower power consumption, optimal ROI, and high scalability - and in most applications, blade servers even reduce acquisition costs.

While current tier-one blade suppliers only offer general-purpose blade servers, the SuperBlade technology is fully optimized for a wide array of mission-critical and compute-intensive applications. With in-house design engineering agility to accommodate customer needs rapidly, SuperBlade revolutionizes modular computing architecture by offering several advanced application-optimized models such as Enterprise Blade Server, Data Center Optimised Blade, Workstation Blade and Personal Blade.

SuperBlade Offers:

  • Best Density in the Industry
  • Highest Memory Expansion Capability in the Industry
  • Fastest and Most Cost-Effective Networking Solution
  • High Efficiency Power for Earth-Friendly Operations
  • Outstanding Storage Flexibility
  • Peace of Mind via Remote Management
  • Unsurpassed TCO

Blade Enclosure

Housed within a 19" industry-standard rack, SuperBlade servers reduce server footprint in the data center. Power, cooling and networking devices are removed from each individual server and positioned to the rear of the chassis thereby reducing the required amount of space.

Up to ten blade servers can be installed in a 7U chassis. Compared to the 10U of rack space that ten 1U servers would normally require as individual servers, the SuperBlade provides about 40% improved density with up to 60 total servers in a 42U rack.

Cable Reduction

The SuperBlade server chassis enclosure greatly simplifies the cabling process by aggregating cabling of ten servers at once. Up to 70% of network, power, and KVM cabling required for ten 1U servers are reduced by moving to blade servers in a single chassis. These cabling reductions continue across networking, SAN connectivity, and management controllers.

Reducing the number of cables speeds up the deployment of servers and helps reduce troubleshooting issues by presenting fewer physical connections to the servers.

Enclosure SBE-710E
Server Blade Up to 10 hot-plug server blades (14 blade model coming soon)
Module Support Supports both Intel and AMD based blades
LED Power LED, Fault LED
Infiniband Switch Up to two hot-plug 4x DDR IB switches with built-in management module
Gigabit Ethernet Switch Up to two hot-plug gigbit Ethernet switches
Management Module Up to two hot-plug management modules providing remote KVM and IPMI 2.0 functionalities
Power Supply Four hot-swap 1400W / 2000W / 2500W power supplies, 3+1 redundant
Cooling Design 16 cooling fans
Dimensions (HxWxD) 12.1" x 18.5" x 29"
Available Models
  • SBE-710E-R60 - Enclosure chassis with four 2000W power supplies
  • SBE-710E-D40 - Enclosure chassis with two 2000W power supplies
  • SuperBlade Module

    The innovative SuperBlade touts enhanced system computing density leveraged from years of rackmount server design experience. Applying Supermicro's application-optimized engineering philosophy, each SuperBlade module delivers true server functionality including up to two Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, 1333MHz FSB, up to 32GB FBD memory, optional InfiniBand mezzanine HCA, and support both SATA or SAS hard drives.

    To protect customer's investment, each blade module is fully upgradeable for future CPUs. The common system architecture ensures each blade is fully inter-changeable as well.

    Supermicro SuperBlade Module
    SuperBlade Module CPU Memory HDD
    SBI-7125B-T1 2x 2x 32GB FBD 2x 3.5" SATA

    SuperBlade Management

    The SuperBlade chassis management module (CMM) provides total remote control of individual server blades, power supplies, cooling fans, and networking switches remotely. System administrators enjoy the management ease and reassurance of continuous onboard instrumentation monitoring (temperature sensors, power status, voltages and fan speed). Remote power control capabilities to reboot and/or reset the server are available as well as remote access to the BIOS configuration and operating system console information vial SOL (Serial over LAN) or embedded KVM capabilities. Because the controller is a separate processor, all monitoring and control functions operate flawlessly regardless of CPU operation or system power-on status.

    Supermicro SuperBlade Management
    SBM-CMM-001 (Chassis Management Module)
    Key Features
    • Remotely manage and monitor server blades, power supplies, cooling fans, and networking switches
    • IPMI 2.0 compliant, with KVM over LAN / KVM over IP
    • Serial over LAN (SOL)
    • Virtual Media Over LAN (Virtual USB Floppy/CD and Drive Redirection)
    • LAN Alert-SNMP Trap
    • Event Log
    • OS Independent
    • Hardware Health Monitor
    • Remote Power Control
    • Management Tools - IPMIView, CLI (Command Line Interface)<
    • Supports RMCP & RMCP + Protocols
    • VGA Port, 2x USB Ports
    • Remote Management Processor and sub-system
    • 1x LAN port
    • Video ADC, Video Compress FPGA
    • I2C, IPMI Management
    • 12V Hot-swap Controller
    • GBX Backplane Connector

    SuperBlade Networking

    Gigabit Ethernet Switch

    SuperBlade gig switch
    Chipset Broadcom BCM5345M
    Internal Ports Ten 1-Gbps downlink ports for LAN interfaces of the server blades (capable of 14 internal ports)
    External Uplink Ports Ten 1-Gbps uplink RJ-45 ports
    Type Layer-2 switch
    Bandwidth 21 Gbps non-blocking
    Trunking Link aggregation support
    Jumbo Frame Support Up to 9k bytes
    Remote Management Browser-based management
    Protocols Spanning Tree, Rapid Spanning Tree, and Multiple Spanning Tree protocols (802.1D/1s/1w)
    OS Firmware upgradeable

    Infiniband Solutions

    Infiniband Switch
    IBD-001 (IB Switch)
    Chipset Mellanox InfiniScale III
    Internal Ports Ten 4x DDR internal copper ports (capable of 14)
    External Uplink Ports Ten 4x DDR external copper ports
    Bandwidth 4x DDR (20Gbps) non-blocking architecture 960Gbps total switch bandwidth (24-port)
    Latency 160ns port-to-port switch latency
    Management In-band InfiniBand IBML, Command-Line Interface (CLI)
    Power Consumption 34W

    IB Switch
    IBH-001 (Mezzanine HCA)
    Chipset Mellanox InfiniHost III Ex DDR
    InfiniBand Ports Dual 4x DDR 20Gbps ports
    Power Consumption 10.4W typical/ 11W max

    SuperBlade Power Supply & Cooling

    One of the biggest benefits of moving to a blade environment is the relocation of power supplies and fans into a single chassis versus an individual set in each server. This greatly helps reduce the power requirements on a per server basis.

    Underlining Supermicro's high-efficiency power philosophy into the SuperBlade server technology, Supermicro engineers have mastered the power supply design challenge to produce high-quality, high-performance solutions with peak efficiency ratings of 90% or higher. Supermicro solutions continue to outperform and outlast the competition and providing the best technology investment available to customers.

    Supermicro SuperBlade Power Supply

    Key Advantages of Supermicro High-efficiency Blade Power Supply

    • Availability - Non-stop power with 3+1 redundant power supply modules
    • Cost Saving - At 90%+ peak efficiency, power consumption is significantly reduced, providing a planet-friendly, real-world advantage for our environment.
    • Investment Protection - Power capacity headroom for future generation processors
    • Easy Installation - Snap-in installation from the back of the chassis; hot-swappable in operation
    PWS-1K41-BR Power Supply
    Output 1400W
    Type Redundant Module (3+1)
    • 116A (200~240VAC input)
    • 100A (100~140VAC input)
    5VSB 16A
    PFC Yes
    Peak Efficiency 90%+
    Input AC Range 100~240VAC
    Operating Conditions
    • Temp: -5 to 50C
    • Humidity: 5 to 95% RH
    Fan Type
    • 2x 90mm fans
    • PFC0912DE-6L38 (8000 RPM with PWM)
    PWS-2K51-BR Power Supply
    Output 2500W
    Type Redundant Module (3+1)
    +12V 208A
    5VSB 16A
    PFC Yes
    Peak Efficiency 90%+
    Input AC Range 200~240VAC
    Operating Conditions
    • Temp: -5 to 50C
    • Humidity: 5 to 95% RH
    Fan Type
    • 4x 90mm fans
    • PFC0912DE-6L38 (8000 RPM with PWM)
    • QFR0912UHE-6F78 (8300 RPM with PWM)

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