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Quad Socket Servers

Broadberry quad socket processor server solutions deliver huge processing power, high performance and outstanding efficiency.

Powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the systems in this range are perfect for computationally intense environments and applications which require multi-tasking. If your business data centre requires a dose of speed, our quad socket solutions provide lightning fast, effective performance.

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If your data centre requires an injection of speed and the ability to multi-task efficiently and effectively, Broadberry quad socket processor servers are the optimal choice. Supremely reliable and capable of lightning fast speeds, these solutions are able to withstand even the most computationally intense environment and are adept at running numerous applications simultaneously.

The Broadberry range of enterprise grade quad processor servers features:

  • Up to 224 cores and 36TB of memory.
  • Advanced RAS features for mission critical applications.
  • Maximised configurability and scalability.
  • Best single node performance optimisations.
  • Servers in the 2U, 4U and 7U form factors.
  • Up to 192 DIMM slots.
  • Up to 24TB DDR4 RAM.
  • Intel Optane DCPMM support.
  • Redundant Titanium (96%) and Platinum Level Power Supplies.
  • Open Industry Standard IPMI, Rock Scale Management and Redfish APIs
  • Up to 23 PCI-E expansion slots
  • Flexible on-board SIOM networking options.

One of the biggest advantages of selecting a quad processor socket server is to scale-up node sizes, allowing for more memory and CPU power within a node. As a result of this, you can scale up sizes without necessarily having to move off the node and onto network fabrics. Larger nodes mean that even with virtualised servers, you can experience higher virtual machine density with less stranded resources.

Quad processor servers also enable more expansion per node. With most modern servers, PCIe lanes emerge from the CPU socket. In quad socket servers, you essentially have twice the PCIe lanes possible through doubling CPU lanes.

While quad socket servers can be more expensive than their single-socket or dual-socket counterparts, there are a number of factors that can make 4-socket servers more cost-effective. An example of this is the numerous infrastructure pieces that are based on a per-node model, where you can lessen costs by consolidating them into larger nodes.

If you require reliable, efficient and high level performance in your data centre, the Broadberry range of quad socket server systems contains the ideal solution for your business

Depending on the requirements of your business, there are different quad processor server configurations that may fit your needs. There are a variety of factors that can affect the performance and price of your solution, including the choice of CPU and the RAM capacity of the system.

For smaller businesses with a more modest budget, there are cost-effective systems within this range featuring low power requirements and efficient performance.

On the other hand, if your business has a higher budget this range features high end servers capable of tremendous performance. Built to thrive in computationally intense environments, these systems are perfect for handling intensive workloads. Examples of applications these servers excel at running include scientific simulations and statistical computations.

A vital feature shared by all Broadberry quad processor servers is reliability, and the vast majority of Broadberry server solutions support error-correcting code memory. ECC memory pre-empts potential system crashes by repairing emerging data correction, supporting the systems smooth operation.

High performance Intel Xeon Scalable processors are an excellent choice for a large variety of applications, all the way up to the most demanding and memory intensive applications like database management and analytics, cloud environments and virtualisation.

Designed and built to deliver huge improvements, the Intel Xeon SP family significantly surpasses the capability of the previous generation of Intel Xeon processors. They deliver huge enhancements in performance, virtualisation, power efficiency and security.

There are four different models of Intel Xeon Scalable processors, each one excelling in its own area.

Models Explained

Perfect for smaller businesses, cost-effective Intel Xeon Bronze processors work best with basic storage servers.

Intel Xeon Silver processors are optimised for mid-range IT organisations, bringing speed to your data centre while still remaining efficient and cost-effective.

Intel Xeon Gold processors deliver high performance and feature hardware-enhanced security. The CPUs in this range are excellent options for handling high intensity workloads.

Intel Xeon Platinum processors deliver outstanding performance for mission critical and cloud workloads, machine learning, AI and real time analytics. They also provide giant leaps in I/O, storage, memory and network technologies.

Over the past 30 years, Broadberry has delivered server technology to some of the largest companies and organisations in the world. The list includes the likes of the BBC, Disney, NASA, Sky, Toshiba, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, ITV, Tesco, Toyota, CERN and many more.

The powerful Broadberry online configurator allows you to configure the perfect quad processor server based on the specific requirements of your business. With thousands of possible configuration combinations and a thorough design process optimising solutions directly for your business, Broadberry solutions are built to help your business thrive.

Broadberry Celebrating Over 30 Years.

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Before leaving our UK workshop, all Broadberry server and storage solutions undergo a rigorous 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high-quality industry leading components ensures all of our server and storage solutions meet the strictest quality guidelines demanded from us.

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Our main objective is to offer great value, high-quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer un-equaled flexibility in designing custom server and storage solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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